Poster Stamp Collectors Club

Welcome to Poster Stamp Collectors Club!

Poster Stamps are the ultimate topical collectible and bring as much historical interest to stamp and ephemera collecting as any specialty. First issued in Europe in the late 1800s to promote or commemorate events, poster stamps are growing in popularity in the 21st century as new catalogues are being issued for many different topics and for collectors with chronological / geographic interests.

TOPICAL collectors will find an almost unlimited number of categories. From Santa and Fire Fighting to Advertising, Ethnic, Fashion, Zeppelins and Zebras...the list of Poster Stamp topics is almost unending!

Poster stamps of many topics are available for less than a dollar to many hundreds of dollars for the rare and difficult-to-find stamps. Beautiful and meaningful collections are being put together for very reasonable prices. More and more dealers are bringing poster stamps to shows and the number of dealers including poster stamps as one of their specialties is increasing as they see demand growing in the United States and Europe. Collectors are also finding nice material online and from mail order dealers.

One of the greatest attractions of Poster Stamps is that the aesthetics of the collection outshines that of postage stamps. Because poster stamps were promotional in purpose, the majority of those issued are truly eye-catching. Well known artists such as Mucha, Hohlwein, Bernhard, Penfield and Rosie O'Neill are featured.

The PSCC was organized in 2005 to educate and foster understanding of small format graphics, specifically the poster stamp. We hope to stimulate collection and share information about this subject from all over the world. We became Affiliate #255 of the American Philatelic Society in 2007.

Enjoy the Poster Stamp Collectors Club site! And join us!