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Clearance Sale of Unsold Lots

TAKE 20% OFF ESTIMATE (E) or MINIMUM BID (MB) PRICES BELOW, rounded to the next larger half dollar. For example, E $15 is now $12, E $12 is now $10, E $8 is now $6.50. $5 is $4, $3 is $2.50, etc.

All Bids must be received by 9 PM, EST, November 30, 2015, by mail to PSCC, P.O. Box 306, Belfast, ME 04915 USA, or by email to: The following rules will apply:
  1. Bidding: Bids for this Clearance Sale shall be made in U.S. Dollars as follows:
    1. The "first" bid received that meets or exceeds the discounted bid value wins the lot at the price bid. Due to the uncertain nature of the notice of this sale and to be fair to all bidders, the "first bid&q4 will remain open for three days following its receipt. Then, in the event of multiple bids, the highest bid received within that 3-day interval is the winner at the price bid.
    2. Bids received below the discounted value will be considered open to competition until the closing date of 30 November 2015 and will then be sold to the highest bidder. Bids received below half of the revised estimate may be rejected by the auction manager.

  2. Bidders: All bids shall be in U.S. Dollars in the following increments: 50c up to $15, $1 from $15 to $30, $2 from $30 to $60, $5 over $60. Odd amounts will be reduced to the next lower increment. In the case of tie bids, the earliest received will prevail. Bidders may compete for any lot by exchange of email messages as follows: notify the auction manager by email (stated above) no later than 10 minutes prior to closing. You will be solicited for a 'next bid' if you are not already highest. Other competitive bidders will be solicited in turn until there are no further raises. Auction closing time will be extended on competitive lots, if necessary, until a final bidder is determined.

  3. Fees: For non-PSCC members, a 10% Buyer's Premium will the added to all purchases, to the benefit of the PSCC. PSCC members will be exempt from the Buyer's Premium. Non-members will be offered the opportunity to join our Club ($15.00) on their invoice. Consignors are charged 10% of the 'hammer' price of lots sold.

    Shipping and handling: will be added to all purchases, with a minimum of $1.50 domestic or $3.00 overseas. Lots will be sent by regular postal mail at the buyer's risk. Registration or insurance may be requested at the time the bids are placed and will be added at actual cost.

  4. Payment: is accepted in US dollar checks, US cash at Buyer's risk, or by PayPal to the PSCC account (same as email, noted above) at a 4% premium. Money Orders are not accepted. Invoices will be mailed or emailed at the auction manager's discretion within 5 days of the sale, barring unforeseen circumstances. Payment is expected within 5 days of receipt of the invoice. Lots will not be sent until payment in full has been received. No exceptions. Please provide your email address, if any, and/or phone number when bidding.

  5. Returns: Lots may be returned within 10 days for refund only if not correctly described (see "Descriptions"). Send an email to the PSCC address prior to mailing any returns.

  6. Descriptions: All stamps should be assumed to lack gum unless gum is specifically mentioned in the description. Paper faults (tears, thins, soiling) will be described either specifically or generally ("small faults," "tiny tear," "back faults," "minor toning," etc.). Bidders should be guided by the illustrations provided, as stated below. All lots for this Sale are illustrated on this website: Auction Photo Gallery.

All lots for this Sale are illustrated in color in our photo gallery: Auction Photo Gallery
LOTS - Dated events (refer to the CSC catalogue or online at the DEPS database**)
For lots marked ‘SOLD’ consult the actual sales prices listed at the tab ‘Auction #4 Prices Realized’
Section 1 - Individual Lots with an opening (minimum) bid of $3.00:
1. US undated Oakland, CA, Dairy Show, og 
2. Newark, NJ - The New Atlantic Seaport, ogSOLD
3. 1931 Los Angeles Oil Equipment and Engineering Exposition, ogSOLD
4. 1929 California State Fair, Sacramento, round, ogSOLD
5. 1938 Apple Blossom Time, Lake Ontario Country, LeRoy, pink paper,og 
6. Portland (OR) Rose Festival & Canadian Legion Convention, og 
7 a. Mead Stationery Co., Makers of Poster Stamps, Greenwich, CT, 
7 b,c same, two more designs. all are nh. Bid any one or all 7b - SOLD
8. US commercial anniversary, Walter B. Gould, Bangor, ME, round 
9. Schuetzet Die Alpenflora, verein, Swiss, signed ’R.S.’, violet flowerSOLD
10. another, white flowerSOLD
11. Tanzwalzer de ’Woche’, Berlin, dancing couple, Berlin, og 
12. 1913 Tilburg (NL) Internationale, flying horse, ogSOLD
13 a. Statsanstalten, Januar, (DK) Maerkat 6842, nh 
13 b. same, February, Maerkat 6690, nh, bid either or bothSOLD
14. Schultz Grünlack, Rüdesheim-Rhine, lady & cocktail 
15. same, heron & fox with cocktail 
16. 1939-40 New Zealand Centennial, Wellington, imperf nh 
17. 1911 Chicago, Brewing Machinery Expo, in German, og 
18. 1933 Chicago, 2nd Brewing Machinery Expo, in English, nh 
19. 8th Int’l Flower Show, NYC, Grand Central Palace, ogSOLD
20. Airpost Exhib. AAMS 1950 Nat’l Philatelic Museum (Phila.), imperfSOLD
21. Railway Express centen. at NYWF & GGIE 1939. Handsome, nhSOLD
22. US Advt’g - Minneapolis Heat Regulators, nh 
23. Napanee Dutch Kitchenet, Coppes Bros. & Zook, Napanee, IN 
24. The Autopiano, ’Can Be Played By Anyone’ 
25. Vul-Cot Waste Baskets, ’Guaranteed to wear for 5 years’SOLD
26. 1912 Amsterdam Intl Expo., Award-type, embossed die-cutSOLD
27. Heidelberg Historic Fair, (1912), nh 
28. 1912 Mendelheim, trekker, /s/ Max Bernise, og 
29. 1912 Nürnberg Electrical Show, great image, nh 
30. Munich Art Theater, summer program (1912) in 3 languages, sm.thin, og 
Section 2 - Individual lots with an opening (minimum) bid of $5.00:
31 a. US undated, Chicago, 8th Nat’l Steel & Machine Tool Expo, og, 50x80mm 
31 b. as above, different design 
32. Rehoboth Beach, DE, ’where pine & brine are ever wooing’, oval 70mm tallSOLD
33. 1926 Sesqui-Centennial Expo, Philadelphia - Penn National Bank adv’t, nhSOLD
34. 1930 Braddock (VT?), ogSOLD
35. Eveready (batteries) sales campaign, 1915 calendar image, og 
36. Automobile - Chandler Light Weight Six ’Pride of Ownership’E $10+
37. Rip Van Winkle - Feathers and Pillows, geese 
38. Venus Perfect Pencils, American Lead Pencil Co., NY, text on backSOLD
39. Aurora, Illinois on the Lincoln Highway, nh 
40. 1925 Cumberland, MD, Agricultural Fair, Phenix Labels Co., og 
41. 1914 Freie Presse (newspaper in German), Lincoln, NESOLD
42. Frankfurt a/M ’Washington Mixture’ tobacco, American flag 
43. Augsburg, Josef Bader ’Selim’ brand (tobacco?)SOLD
44. Königsberg framing expo, 2 horses, 2 cattle, nh, corner crease 
45. 1913 Dresden 50th Jubilee poultry show, nice! 
46. 1913 Chemnitz 16 Nat’l Poultry Show, popular subject 
47. A. Batschari Cigarettes ’ABC’ Baden-Baden, 
48. Esquire ’Problem’ brand cigarettes, gloved hand, /s/ Lindenstaedt 
49. Tennis theme - Sieger "Trumpf’ brand chocolate, lovely!SOLD
50. Fashion - ’Adastra' blouse w/ pretty lady 
Section 3 - Individual lots with price estimates, open to bid:
51. 1899 Berlin type A, Spring show, ogE $10
52. 1903 Bucharest A, double medal award-type, recent discoveryE $30
53. 1909 Vienna A, Int’l Art - rarity with thins, vf appearing, some ogSOLD
54. undated (1909) Zurich B, Museum show. Pen S203, ogSOLD
55. 1910 Verona A, aviation, Malorzo , ogSOLD
56. 1912 Swiss, handsome Almanack advertising, og, gum thinSOLD
57. 1913 Berlin Stadium consecration, sports, evidence of cancellation on faceE $20
58. (1912) Italy ’Proflotta Aerea’ elusive, Malorzo 12-20, ogE $50
59. 1913 Denmark Art show, text on back, A&L no. 223, Hans Rasmussen, ogSOLD
60. 1913 Prague type E, district meeting of nature society, recent findE $15
61. 1913 Aschaffenbug type B, Carrier Pigeon show, new findE $10
62 a,b. 1913 Nürnberg (new), dance fest, colors a & b as seen, bid either or both 64b - SOLD
E $15 each
63 a,b. 1913 Griesheim (new) gymnastic alliance, two designs, bid either or bothSOLD
64 a,b. 1913 Frankfurt K1, bowling association, two colors, bid either or both64a - SOLD
E $15 each
65 a,b. as before, different design, type K2, two colors, bid either or bothSOLD
66 a-c. 1914 Munich C, Spring show, roses, 3 colors a,b,c as seen, og, bid any/all66b&c -SOLD
E $12 each
67. 1914 Leipzig A22, Bugra, Esperanto, nhSOLD
68. 1914 Leipzig A21, pink surfaced paper, nice conditionSOLD
69. (1915) Utrecht, type on piece of envelope w/ dated 1915 cancelSOLD
70. 1932 Cork, Ireland Industrial & Agricultural Fair, nh, corner creaseE $10
71. 1929 London Inventions, NH, sm.corner gum thinE $10
72. 1932 Leicester Textile MachineryE $12
73. 1930 Bolsward, NL, Bakery expo, ogE $15
74. 1934 Netherlands exposition, undefined, imperf, ogE $15
75. unlisted 1909 double-medal type ’Cerveceria de San Luis S.A.’ (?)E $22
Section 4 - Group of ’Awards by reference’, recent finds, mostly not in CSC:
76 a,b. Berlin/ Leipzig/ Buenos Aires, Dr.Kopp, Vasenol, 2 var’s, either/ both SOLD
77. 1882 ref to 3 medals, A.David, Eberbach, emboss. D & GoliathSOLD
78. 1894 & others, Pressburger & Co.,Stuttgart, 4 awards hard to readE $15
79. 1908 Paris, etc., Fulavex, floor treatmentE $12
80. 1905 Berlin, 2 awards, Schinkenwettbewerb breadSOLD
81. 1905 Leipzig, 3 medals, Otto Romstedt, coffeeSOLD
82. 1908 Paris/ Vienna/ Prague on 3 of set of 6, E. Lienert - all 6 one bid E $45
83 a,b. 1912 Bochem, Seifol detergent product, 2 var’s a. plain, b. varnishedE $12 each
84. 1910 Buenos Aires/ 1911 Turin, Fontana, interestingE $15
85. 1904 Dusseldorf type A4, listed, wedding dress, sl. stain topE $15
86. 1913 Vienna, Wilm. Keil, Halle, washing, listedSOLD
87 a,b. 1911 Dresden award, Bad Mergentheim, two colors, bid either/both E $12 each
88. 1910 Stuttgart award, type B3, Music-Haus OsterodeE $15
89 a,b. 1910 Brussels, other awards, Seck Dresden, 2 designs, either/bothE $15 each
90. 1910 Limbach award, G. Bormann, jeweler, Chemnitz, sl. foxedSOLD
91. 1907 Berlin/ 1910 Brussels, F. Neumann, cigarette makerE $15
92. 1910 Brussels, many awards, Continental typewriter, M. Schultz, HalleSOLD
93. 1911 Dresden awards, Otto Hollack, cooking oilE $15
94. 1913 Halle type B3, Perafoline leather preparation, H. LenssenSOLD
95. 1910 Frankfurt/ 1911 Crefeld/ 1912 Mors, Eneska shoes, foxedE $12
Section 5 - Other dated events, worldwide:
96 a,b. 1896 German political, 8-hour day, two var’s - a. rally, b. Lasalle, red SOLD
97 a,b. 1897 Amsterdam, savings promo., ’before & after’, 2, bid either/both SOLD
98. 1898 Aussig, singing society, sm. faults, shallow thinE $10
99. 1903 Viersen, culinary artsE $12
100. 1906 Leeuwarden A4, award type, embossed die-cutE $12
101 a,b. 1907 Dresden C, brewmaster day, 2 colors: a, b., bid either/bothE $12 each
102. 1908 Donauworth A1, trade expo, pale green paper, rounded cornerE $10
103. 1909 Hillegom Flower Show, in 4 languages, unlisted colorE $15
104. 1909 Munich D2, Brewers, w/ overprint by exhibitor; unlistedSOLD
105 a-d. 1909 Leipzig D4 Autumn Fair, 4 colors, a-d as seen, bid any or all E $12 each
106. 1910 Grossenhain, shooting contest, small faults, considered rareE $15
107. 1911 Dresden A15, Grand prize award-type, Kaloderma, emboss die-cutE $12
108. 1911 Bad Windungen, Grand MeetingE $15
109 a,b. 1911 Stuttgart A4 (new), Bakery Expo, 2 colors, bid either/bothE $18 each
110. 1911 Bergen A,, theatrical performance, black on white, scarce SOLD
111. 1911 Magdeberg, choral day, new listingSOLD
112. 1911 Cassel A5, Agricultural Expo, exhibitor of ’Fullhorn’ guano, tallE $15
113. 1912 Freiberg A5. exhibitor Fischer & Co.,cocoa, ’ABC’ design. This is ’F’SOLD
114. same design, letter ’G’, 1913 Leipzig Z- these 2 only w/ dated referenceSOLD
115. 1913 Leipzig A62 (new), IBA, award to Wilhelm KrischeE $20
116. 1913 Altenburg, verein, unlisted, partial creaseE $15
117. 1913 (Berlin) am Zoo, type R3. Housewife/ mother expo, exhibitorSOLD
118. 1913 Breslau A2, Garden Society, med. small 32x38mmSOLD
119. 1913 Feldberg, 60th Festival, landscape, new listingE $12
120. 1913 Cassel A5 type 1000 year anniversary, one of 40 designsSOLD
121. 1913 (Hamburg) type E, floral expo, listed CSC p.700, SOLD
122. 1913 Hildesheim D (new) Expo, embossed, round, scalloped die-cutSOLD
123. 1913 Leipzig A13, IBA variety, listed CSC, etc.SOLD
124. 1913 Loreley Stuttgart / Schönblick - Google & I don’t really know what is.SOLD
125. 1913 Strassburg C1, cooking expo, listed CSC, etcE $12
126 a,b. 1914 (Berlin) Wintergarten, new type T, two colors, bid either/bothSOLD
127. 1914 Netherlands, unlisted, city unknownE $12
128. 1914 Batavia A2 with overprint of Dutch commissioner SOLD
129. 1914 Kristiania (Oslo) A3, double-medal award, gold, small separationSOLD
130. 1914 Bern A29, Grand Prize, Usine Genevoise, Pen #1469 E $8
Section 6 - Named artists & a few new discoveries
131. Cappiello - W. Wesenberg — R 30MB $20
132. Cappiello - Recollets, paper on back, unlistedMB $30
133. Julius Gipkens - Rose — R 100MB $40
134. John Dape - child & toys, Hanni Schwarz, Berlin — R 100MB $30
135. Rumpf - Muratti cigarettes, elegant blond, classic design — R 80MB $20
136. Ernst Deutsch - Manoli cigarettes, aviator, Rumpler Taube — R 50SOLD
137. Carl Moos - C.G Scherr, child with hoop, NH — R 40E $25
138. Bernhard - Manoli Cigaretten, yellow background — R 30E $15
139. Bernhard - Manoli Monte Bello, his classic simplicity displayed — R 30E $15
140. Bernhard - Manoli Voilà Cigaretten, just 3 words! — R 30E $15
141. Bernhard - SiSi Alkoholfrei, corner perf missing — R 40E $20
142. Hohlwein - Bahlsens Keks — R 30E $20
143. Eduard Ege - Hage & Poelt, Munich, sport clothing, small thins — R 30E $15
144. Richard Klein - Gauklertag — R 40SOLD
145. Paul Schuerich - Pomril. Alkoholfrier Apfeltrank — R 20E $12
146. Jean Carlu - La Radio aux Aveugles, small on paper pieceE $10
147. Suchodolski - Eier Maccaroni, Scheurer brothers w/ dogE $8
And now 3 lots you will likely never see offered again:
148 a-c. Charlie Chaplain - as seen — bid any or allE $25 each
149 a,b. F. Baracca, Milano, Italian WWI hero — bid either or bothMB $25
150 a,b. Marina Italiana - Italian WWI aircraft — bid either or both SOLD
Section 7 - US Events - undated, and several dated, recent discoveries:
151 a,b. Nat’l Export Expo. Philadelphia (1899) 2 colors, (green is og) E $20 each
152. Knoxville, TN, Appalachian Expo, round, toothed, ogSOLD
153. Montrose Centennial (1924) round, toothed, ogE $15
154. Palmyra, PA, Old Home Week, 175th Anniv., die-cut, ogE $15
155. Palmyra, PA, OHW & Sesqui-Centen., round, toothed, ogE $25
156 a-c. Reading, PA, 175th Anniv., 3 colors, (blue, sm.thin) bid anyE $10 each
157. Sunbury, PA, Sesqui-Centen. & Old Home. round, toothed, ogE $15
158. Burlington (VT), 150th (1927?), ogSOLD
159. Pomona, CA, Nat’l Percheron Show, horses, nhE $15
160. 1904 St.Louis, type double-medal award-type, og, bit tarnishedSOLD
161. Clackamas County 1909 promotion, Oregon City, ORE $12
162. 1912 Findlay, OH, Fort Findlay Celebration, Homecoming, ogSOLD
163. 1915 Gloversville (NY), silver anniv., nhE $20
164. 1915 Sheepshead Bay, NY - Astor Cup Race, /s/ Helck, part ogMB $30
165. Portland, OR, 1918 promotion, ’100,000 visiting automobiles’E $15
166. 1925 Garden City, NY, Air Races, Mitchell Field, ogE $20
167. 1926 Williamstown, PA, Old Home Week, scalloped die-cut, ogE $12
168. 1932 Los Angeles Olympics, in German, small 23x29mm, ogE $20
169. 1929 Detroit, MI, BYPU Conv., W/ zeppelin, airplane, ogSOLD
170. 1932 Concord, NH, Old Home Week, margin nick, nhE $12
Section 8 - Other advertising and non-event, US & foreign:
171. US - Nashua Gummed Paper Co., indian, ogE $10
172 a-c. Gatchel & Manning - 3 diff. designs, bid any/ allE $10 each
173. American Poster Stamp Co., Cincinnati, OH, corner creasesE $10
174. Young & McAllister Press, Los Angeles, ogE $10
175. John Striker, ’Fine Apparel for Men’, man w/ dog, autoE $18
176. Society of Poster Art, Chicago, ’SPA’, ogE $15
177. Colorite, Carpenter-Morton Co., ’colors old & new straw hats…’E $12
178. Lady Dainty Hosiery, Conrad & Co., BostonE $15
179. Swan-nan-oa Feathers, bed cover, P.R.Mitchell Co., nh dry gumE $12
180. Grose Bros. Ltd., General Drapers, LondonSOLD
181. Sammlermaerker, printing, text on back: A&L no. 400, nhSOLD
182. Mattor, carpet, Orientaliska Mattor, Stockholm, carpets, thinsSOLD
183. Serenissimus Kunstlerkneipe, Munich, og, thin spotE $10
184. Pneu Hutchinson, in Italian, og, some small fits.E $10
185. Seidenhaus Jacoby, Leipzig - fabrics, Liberty of London, sl.thin topE $25
Section 9 - Sets & Small Lots, US & foreign:
186. Chemnitz poultry, 24 diff., w/ identification of breedsE $35
187. Israel/ Palestine - 6 items from various periods, farmer is foxedE $10
188. Finland aviation-related, 6 items from 1950sSOLD
189. Milan Fair, 4 diff. colors, 2 diff. texts, by Mauzan, lot of 4, ogSOLD
190. 12 months, classic calendar by ’MS’ (Martin Salzmann)MB $75
191. Loflund’s malt drinks & sweets - set of 12 complete, lovely designsE $75
192. SINNER baking-powder— ’abc’ set of 6, complete, ogSOLD
193. FACHINGEN mineral water - ’abc’ set of 9 complete, most ogE $60
194. Asbach ’Uralt’ Cognac - set/ 12 complete, tipped onto page strips, one sl.flt. - note ’spider & web’ trade style seldom found E $50
195. 1914 Barcelona, social causes, 12 diff. on cream paper, great style, early use in Spain. Nice.E $55
196. US, Long Beach, CA - 10 complete, nh, great period setE $50
197. 1935 San Diego, CA, Pacific Int’l Expo. cpl. sheet of 25. nhE $35
198. "Ever Ready’s Safety Stickers’ - full pane/ 6, nh, gum crs., E $15
199. Lot over 25 diff. Western Union Telegraph Co. advt’g labelsE $20
200. Full set of 20 Lincoln ’Immortal American’ set, nhE $30
201. US lot of 10 diff. die-cut foil-type events, 30s - 50s, most go, nhE $15
202. ’Evinruding’ classic set of 12, complete, boating sports, ogSOLD
Finally, two collection lots, in Lighthouse 16-page stock books, described below. Bidders may obtain further details by email prior to sale. Both have an excellent range of designs, mostly from classic period, some 20s, 30s, no intentional duplication. Will be shipped domestically (US) at USPS flat fee $6.10
Ex203. Over 210 stamps, mostly european events as described above, smattering of miscellaneous US at the end. Decent stock book.Open @ $120
Ex204. Over 260 different, many strong designs, a worthwhile group in a fine stock book. Marked (years ago) to sell at $490.Open @ $350
Section 10 - A few late additions from a correspondent who is "cleaning house":
Ex205. Over fifty 3-ring pages 1937 edition "International Poster Stamp Album", loose, double-sided "Official album of the National Poster Stamp Society". Over 500 stamps & sets or part-sets, worldwide but dominantly US & BC. Advertising, patriotic, expos, commemoratives, political, personalities, travel promotion, baggage labels & ephemera. Just about everything, including Sinclair Dinosaurs and a full sheet of 50 ’Artists for Victory’ (WW II). Also containing, NOT COUNTED Christmas & TB seals, charities, religious & wildlife labels, Nothing noted beyond the 1940s. Somewhat disorderly, un-intact, many stuck or partially stuck but generally without other faults. LOTS of nice collectible stamps & labels remain. Flat rate postage $6.10 SOLD
Ex206. Charming hand-painted flower watercolors, over 22 plus some other clip-art & related flower postage stamps (uncataloged). The collector value is in the watercolors, very well done, artist unknown. Loose pages. Flat rate postage.Start @ $20
207. The "best cataloged" stamp from the collection, CV30 per Follansbee: 1901 Newburyport, MA, 50-year Anniversary, nice copy on scrap of paper. E $15+
You are invited to comment on the contents or the conduct of this sale, tell us about what you would like to see in future sales, price ranges, etc. How can PSCC be helpful to your collecting interests…?
** Note: For dated events, any ’type’ letters which may appear are from the Dated Event Poster Stamp (DEPS) worldwide database which can be found online through a link at the web site: Reference to 'CSC' applies to the printed 'General Illustrated Catalogue of Exhibition and Event Poster Stamps to 1914', compiled by Gardiner & Greiczek, Revised Edition 2014. Rarity ’R’ values are from the Charles Kiddle series of catalogs. If other catalog numbers or references appear and are unknown to you, please ask for advice by email.

All lots are illustrated on our website: Auction Photo Gallery