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Digital CatalogingA Database for Dated Event Poster Stamps (DEPS)

The DEPS database is the primary thrust of the website Poster Stamp List (, hosted by PSCC member Dick Warren, currently listing over 12,000 worldwide entries all with large full color images. A massive data-entry effort is underway in the decades between World War I and II where no worldwide catalog exists in print and where some of the most innovative and interesting graphic designs will be found. It is easy to imagine double the number of entries as the work proceeds than are now being entered and edited.

The era prior to WW I (1914) has been very well documented in print (see Printed Resources), but all those entries are present in the online database as well, where more extensive and detailed data is recorded and illustrated, new discoveries added, and errors corrected.

The DEPS database can be searched in many ways, by date, country, and city, but also by topic, design, keywords, etc. The database allows registered users to customize searches, to sort, and potentially to create sub-catalogs that relate to their personal collecting interests, and to make personal notes about any of the records for their private use. A major re-design project is in the works to make the process more user-friendly and faster.

Background data concerning the hobby and some useful references are found at the Poster Stamp List web site. Access to the DEPS database is found on the main page, together with instructions about logging on as User, just to take a look, or to Register. There is no fee, but Registered users have access to more features, to save searches and to personalize the records with private notes or to create inventory or want lists.

Very shortly, Registration will become an automatic feature of membership in the PSCC and will be extended to and be restricted to all active PSCC members with no added fee. More details will become available at the Poster Stamp List website when this change is implemented.

The editors believe that sites like this hold the future of our hobby, providing comfortable and familiar tools to access information about the hobby to whole new generations of potential hobbyists, with flexibility and low cost to the user.