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This bibliography was derived from a listing compiled by Charles Kiddle, which appeared in the PSCC Journal #1 in Summer 2006, with minor corrections, plus additions as follows:
      (asterisk) = new entry
      (color blue) = primary sources for the DEPS database & other current uses

Omitted from this listing are local posts, revenues, fantasy issues and most charity seals.
* General Illustrated Catalogue of Exhibition & Event Poster Stamps to 1914, Gardiner & Greiczek, (popular name ’CSC’), Revised edition 2014
Timbres Commemoratifs (World Exhibitions to 1914), Cazin & Rochas in French, 1914
Lick 'Em Stick 'Em (The Lost Art of Poster Stamps), H. Thomas Steele in English, 1989
Collecting Seals and labels (CSC publication # 5), Charles Rabinovitz in English, 1982
Poster Stamp and Cinderella Collecting, E Van Elkan in English, 1983
Les Vignettes Adhésives Commemoratives, Chamboissier in French, 1910
Bitte bitte Kleb’ mich (Frankfurt), Institut für Stadtgeschichte in German, 1998
Reklame-schau, Lotte Maier in German, 1984
Weiter - hoher -schneller (Deutsches Museum collection) Lotte Maier in German, 1987
* Reklamemarken ...des Alpinen Museums, Deutscher Alpenverein in German, 1999
* Kleine Marken - Grosse Marken, Hans Martin Müller in German, (1990s)
Reklamemarken, Als die Werbung kleben lernte, G. Hassinger in German, 2001
Tobler Poster Stamps, Alnis Guide in English, 1994

FRANCE (not elsewhere listed) including 1) Monaco and 2) L’Arc en Ciel books)
Victor Maird 1893-1971 The 'Driam' poster stamps, France, Viou & Pavillon in French, 1974
Les vignettes de Monaco (1st and 2nd Supplements exist), Michael Bonneau in French, 1986
Les Emissions, Surcharges, Obliterations et Vignettes des Sudetes (1880-1970), Roger Richet in French, 1970?
Vignettes de France (Paris exhibition vignettes), Gustave Bertrand in French, 1948
Vignettes de France, Gustave Bertrand in French, 1937
Timbres Commemoratifs de France et des Colonies, L’Arc en Ciel in French, 1950-60
Les Porte-Timbres, Robert Pechenet in French, 1991
Vignettes Touristiques de France, Gaston Degardin in French, 1978
Les vignettes "Bonne Annee 1920", Michael Bonneau & Louis Granger in French, 1976
Les vignettes a sujet "Jeanne d'arc", Michael Bonneau in French, 1974
Les vignettes "Foire de Paris", Bonneau in French, 1980
Les vignettes a sujet "Tour Eiffel", Bonneau in French, 1974
1er Mai/Fete des Mères/Boites D’Allumettes Commem., Michael Bonneau in French, 1978
Les vignettes à sujet "Napoléon", Michael Bonneau in French, 1975
Les vignettes à sujet Louis II de Baviere et ses Châteaux, Michael Bonneau in French, 1977
Les vignettes "Arc en Ciel", Michael Bonneau in French, 1981
Poster Stamps Paris Universal Exposition 1900, Charles Kiddle in English, 2000

Katalog der Deutschvolkischen bundesmarken bis 1914, W Schonwein in German, 1983
* G.M.Katalog Deutschland to 1953, Ecker in German (popular name: SaThuWa or STW)
Reklamemarken in Wilhelmine Germany: Consuming Fictions, Rachael Huener in English, 2002 (Doctoral Dissertation)

Great Britain Commemorative Labels pre 1950 (CSC handbook #8), Chris Chatfield in English, 1991 + undated Supplement, by Chatfield, 20 pages (about 1996 ?)
British Stamp Exhibitions, Glen Morgan in English, 1995
British Empire Exhibition Wembley 1924-25, Alan Sabey in English, 1994
Supplement, Alan Sabey in English, 1996

Catalogo del francobolli di emissiari locali, non emessi, servizi speciali, semi ufficiali, vignette d’aviazione, Landmans in Italian, 1950
Memorial Philatelique IV ’Italie’ (includes Italian TB, aviation and philatelic exhibition poster stamps), Gustave Bertrand in French, 1934
Memorial Philatelique V ’Italie Vignettes Militaires’, Gustave Bertrand in French, 1936
Collezionismo Italiano ’9 chiudiletters Italiani & 10 Chiudilettera militari’ in Italian, 1970/1
Catalogo del bolli commemorativi Italiani (non postali) 1860 – 1926, Vittorio Manghi in Italian, 1927
* Catalog degli Erinnofili Italiani 1860-1945, Eupremio Malorzo in Italian, 2006

Vignettes of Russia (pre-1914 poster stamps of Russia), Marcovitch in English, 1971
Catalogue Special des Timbres de Guerre de Russie, Trachtenberg in French, 1919
The Russian ’porte-timbre’ poster stamps of the 1920s, A.C. Mpamophob, B.A.Mahtiooxnh in Russian, 1997

25th Anniv. of Czechoslovak Independence, Kralicek & Page in English, 1996
Katalog över Lokalfrimärken, Järnvägsfrimärken, Angbatsfrimärken Julmärken, öda Kors Märken, Svenska Flaggans Dag’s Märken, Otto Sandberg in Swedish, 1946
Catalogue des timbres commémoratifs de la Hollande parus depuis leur création jusqu’en 1951, R J Vos in French, 1952
Norske Brevmerker Brevmerker, Vemund Ljødal, Norwegian ,1996
Illustreret Katalog 1885 - 1920 over Julie Velgorenheds og Foreningsmaeker samt.Udstillings og.Lejligheds –– Maerker, A. Hartvigsen, 1920s
Katalog Vsech Ceskiych Historiclych Nalepek 1886-1945, Josef Kumpan in Czech, 1945
Magyar kiallitasi levelzaro belyegek 1896 –– 1945, Karoly Balazs in Hungarian/German/English, 1996
* Hungarian Poster Stamps (548 text pages + images on CD), Ch.J.Blase in English, c.1995
* Kalalog ....d’exposition et commemoratifs de la Suisse, P.F. Rampacher, 1951
Catalogue des vignettes Suisse de propagande et commemoratives 1878-1980, Pen in French, 1982
The Republican Political Labels 1936-39, F Gómez-Guillamón in Spanish, 1988
Sammler Maerke Aarbog 1913 (A & L poster stamps 1 - 465) in Danish, 1914
*Andreasen & Lachman (A&L) Poster Stamps #1-1059, Charles Kiddle in English, 2003
Anti-fascist & Fascist propaganda stamps of Denmark, N Gyrsting & P Paulsen, 1995
* Cinderella Stamps of Belgium 1946-1940 (incomplete) M.J.Mobbs in English, 2008

* U.S. Seals & Poster Stamps for Minor events 1890-1999, Nicholas Follansbee, 2008- ongoing (checklist)
U.S. Advertising Poster Stamps 1912-15, Robert C. Bradbury, Revised ed. 2014
Old Home Week Seals, Terence Hines, 1st Ed 2012
The Worlds’s Fair: St Louis 1904, Charles Kiddle 2003
Political Campaign Stamps (USA), Roger Warda in English, 1998

* Field Guide to the Cinderella Stamps of Canada, R,G. Lafrenière in English, 2012
Study of Canadian Poster Stamps, Robert du Bois in English, 1997?
Philatelic labels, George Linn in English, 1940
NZ Cinderellas, Tim Maclaren in English, 1992
New Zealand Air Post Cinderellas with valuations, James A Stapleton in English, 1992
Newfy Cindys - Newfoundland Cinderellas, John Rempert in English, 1994

* (Poster Stamp Catalogs/ artists, themes, by Charles Kiddle) - see listing elsewhere
Triangular Philatelics, Chris Green in English, 1998
Owls : The story of poster stamps, Charles Kiddle in English, 1998
Trains - an introduction to the poster stamps, Charles Kiddle in English, 1999
Red Cross Seals of the World, Mosbaugh in English, 1984
Catalogue des vignettes francaises de croix-rouge, Louis Granger in French, 1964
Katalog: Pfadfinder-Vignetten Sammelbilder Geldscheine, Stephan Schrölkamp in German 1999
Vignettes Francaises Scoutes Livret 1 1912-1947, Lucien Desmaretzl in French, 1988
Catalog of Olympic labels, Robert J Dubois in English, 1986
Catalogue des vignettes des jeux olympiques (text only), Paul Rampacher in German, 1959
Railway poster stamps (The UK 1930s railway poster stamps), Alnis Guide in English, 1986
Reklamemarken Bier, Manfred Zollickhofer in German, 1996
* Reklamemarken Tabak, Manfred Zollickhofer in German, , 2003

WWI AND WWII (including patriotic)
For God, Kaiser & Fatherland 1914-1918, Alan Jackson in English, 1994
Les vignettes patriotiques francais de 14-18, Michael Bonneau in French, 1983
* Memorial Philatelique v.5 - Italie Vignettes Militaires, Gustave Bertrand, 1936
Images of the Great War Vol I: (Delandre French Military vignettes), Walter Schmidt in English, 1984, reprinted 2000
Images of the Great War Vol II: (Delandre non French Military vignettes), Walter Schmidt in English, 1984, reprinted
Images of the Great War Vol III: (Delandre Red Cross vignettes), Charles Kiddle & Walter Schmidt in English, 1995
Images of the Great War Vol IV: (Delandre vignettes not in Vols I,II & III), Charles Kiddle & Walter Schmidt in English, 1996
Images of the Great War Vol V: (Newly discovered Delandre designs, corrections to Volume I and comparison between Italian military vignettes and the Delandre ’re-impressions’), Charles Kiddle in English, 1999
Editions Delandre: Essays and Progressive Proofs... (French Military), Charles Kiddle, 2009
Editions Delandre: Volume VII: Military Essays, Proofs & Rarities...etc. Charles Kiddle, 2013
Les Insignes de Journees de la guerre 1914-1918 (lists French 'flag day' items), Roger de Bayle des Hermens in French, 1985
Die Soldatenmarken der Schweiz, Heinrich Sulzer in German, 1990
* Die schweizerischen Soldatenmarken 1.Weltkrieg 1914/18, Markus Wittwer, German, 2004
* (same) .... 2.Weltkrieg 1939-1945, Markus Wittwer in German, 2004 (’replaces’ Sulzer)
Patriotic & Propaganda of the British Empire, Clive Edwards in English, 1980?
Polish Post Seven Years War (incl. WWII Polish poster stamps), H M Smith in English, 1945
Militarmarken, Lotte Maier in German, 1980
The Lord Roberts Memorial Fund (WWI U.K. series), David Stirling in English, 1985
First World War Patriotic Labels of Australia & New Zealand, Alan Jackson in English, 1987
- Supplement #1, 1990? - Supplement #2, 1992
- Australian Loan Charles Kiddle in English, 1996
Fiji Bomber Fund, Bryan A Jones in English, 1997

Histoire de L'Aerostation et de L'Aviation Francaise de 1783-1930, Jean Silombra in French 1981
Les Vignettes Francaises d'aerostation et aviation des origines a 1940, G Naudet in French, 1967
Rocket Mail catalog 1904–1967, Ellington Zwisler in English, 1967
Nichtpostalische Flugmarken Katalogisierungen (German Zeppelin & airships),Kuno Sollors in German, 1973
Archivierung - Katalogisierung Deutscher Nichtpostalischer Marken (German aviation), Kuno Sollors in German, 1971
Schweizerisches Luftpost - Handbuch, Schweiz Aerophilatelisten Verein in German, 1992
Catalogo delle cartoline e vignette ufficiali e semiufficiali di posta aerea Italiana,
G Landmans in Italian,1949
Les vignettes français d’aviation, Yves F. Michel in French, 1945
Flug Marken, Ludwig Hummel in German, 1926
+ see catalogs by Charles Kiddle - airplanes, airships, balloons - listed elsewhere

SEALS (an incomplete listing)
The Christmas seals of Denmark and the Danish West Indies in English, 1954
Norske Brevmerker Julemerker, Vemund Ljødal in Norwegian, 1996
Joulumerkit -finnische Weihnachtsmarken (1908-1993), Ake Berglund in Finnish, 1994
Icelandic Christmas Seals 1904-1996, H Valdimarsson & T Thorstein, 1997
Christmas Seals of Germany, Martin Erler in German, 1993
Christmas Charity Posts, Dr WJD Annand in English, 1993
Norske Brevmeker –Julemerker, Vemund Ljødal in Norwegian, 1996**
Norske Julemerker Katalog 1987-88 Bind 2, Jørgen Christoffersen in Norwegian, 1987
Norske Julemerker Katalog 1990, Jørgen Christoffersen in Norwegian, 1990
Ikke frankeringsgyldige Velgørenhadsmaeker Greenland Christmas seals of Greenland & Iceland, Storstømsudstilling, 1972