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Printed Resources

Books and catalogs currently in print or generally available for purchase are to be found here. In many cases, PSCC members in the USA have access to an inventory of several current titles and are able to purchase for domestic delivery at lower cost. Current pricing at a 10% discount is available in the PSCC Journal #24, or by contacting the Club Secretary at Older publications are listed in the Library and Historic Resources section.
Privately Printed Publications by Charles Kiddle

Of the many publications privately printed by Charles Kiddle, PSCC member from the UK, and one of the more visible enthusiasts in the hobby, this listing will start with the some of the newest entries first. Charles has now printed over 30 such handbooks, veritable catalogs, richly illustrated with full size color images, generally assembled by ’theme’ or ’topic’ or by ’artist’. Here one will find illustrated some elusive stamps one may never otherwise see. Other volumes are in progress. These catalogs contain a coded guide to relative value.

  • Circus, Fun Fairs, Clowns, Carnivals, Etc., 2013, 170 pp w/ color
  • German Aviation - Balloons, 2013, 65 pp, color
  • Poster Stamps: Rafael Tuck & Sons, 2013, 72 pp, color
  • Graphic Arts: 2012: New Discoveries, 126 pp, color
  • 1001 Poster Stamps: Better By Design, 2012, color
  • Cars (World). new additions 2011: 104 pp, color
  • Bicycles (World), new additions 2011, 85 pp, color
  • Graphic Arts "The Best of the Rest" – 5 volumes, alphabetically, a sequel to the earlier "Top 20" 2 volume set
  • Poster Stamps – The American Story (Classic American Ephemera), 2009, 159 pp. color
  • And more
A General Illustrated Catalogue of Exhibition and Event Poster Stamps

Compiled by Stewart Gardiner under the auspices of the Cinderella Stamp Club (UK), now in five volumes from 1827-1914. This significant project is now ’complete’ after over 6 years of devoted service by Stewart, aided in later years by co-editor Steve Greiczek, and by a team of perhaps 20 contributors from many countries in an unprecedented act of enthusiasm and cooperation. In general usage this catalog is referred to as the ’CSC’. Approximately 891 pages, including errata, published in parts from 2007 to 2011.

This tour-de-force is a major contribution to the hobby in printed format. Originally conceived as a project to "update" the 1914 French-language catalog by Cazin & Roches, known popularly as ’C&R’, which had been the only written guide to dated event poster stamps for decades and was (is) hopelessly out of date and containing no illustrations. The project took on a life of its own with the addition of new discoveries over the many years, with usable illustrations and a coded guide to relative value.

The long-awaited re-printed edition is now ready for distribution and will be announced in Journal #32 and will also appear here when better known. The idea is to incorporate addenda and errata which had appeared in serial form into a substantially updated format. Work is still underway to better organize additions and corrections that appeared in the past and to simplify the use of the earlier 5-part printing for those users already invested in it. A further review will appear here in coming months.
A Catalogue of U.S. Seals and Poster Stamps for Minor Events, 1890-1999

A Catalogue of U.S. Seals and Poster Stamps for Minor Events, 1890-1999 privately printed by Nicholas Follansbee. The latest update, circa 2010, is an invaluable resource for collectors of US fairs and expositions other than the great worlds fairs and major national events. More of a ’checklist’ than an actual catalog, Nick's one-line listings are priced, not as a sales list, but to give a good comparative scale of value. About 90 pages text and 2-column listings. OUT OF PRINT.

Every entry has been or is in process of being entered into the DEPS database (see Internet Resources) along with the work of Nick and others to identify U.S. event stamps without a printed year-date.
Old Home Week Seals, First Edition - 2012

Old Home Week Seals, First Edition, by PSCC member Terence Hines, is printed in collaboration with Ira Cotton, Editor, Founder and Publisher of the Paper Quest Press, Omaha, NE, on a print-to-order basis. Fully illustrated in color and item-numbered by state and city, unpriced, this first edition defines a particular niche within the ’homecoming’ classification of poster stamps (and related ephemera) of the US and Canada, starting with the issues of New Hampshire in 1899. Following a discussion of the historic context of these stamps, Terry solicits reader comments and new discoveries that could lead to a future revision. 44 pages with sturdy cover stock. A second edition is in the works. Watch for an announcement.
United States Advertising Poster Stamps 1912-1915

United States Advertising Poster Stamps 1912-1915 by Robert C. Bradbury, revised edition 2014, 152 pages, loose leaf 3-hole punched, indexed, partly illustrated, black & white. No indication of value. The author has taken an academic approach, defined the scope of his research rather precisely, and self-published this initial catalog-type listing of certain US advertising stamps, also referred to by some collectors as ’Art Stamps’ due to their generally superior artistic merit.

This publication in its new 'Third Revised Printing' has grown to 5,762 entries. 'Catalog numbers' are all revised and begin with the letter 'B'. Let's call them "Index Numbers", subject to inevitable future change since new additions or variations are being accumulated at a steady pace. This is a massive field and would be beyond reasonable limits in a printed format if the designation '1912 to 1915' were ever expanded. Nevertheless, within its defined limits, this is a vital resource for US advertising stamp collectors and lovers of great art in miniature format.

Available from the publisher: Robert Bradbury, 879 Pleasant St., Worcester, MA 01602, email:
Field Guide to the Cinderella Stamps of Canada

First edition, 2012, by Ronald G. Lafrenière,, (Verdun, Quebec). The subtitle "A guide to Canada-themed non-postage stamps not listed in easily available catalogues" says it all. This is a great spiral-bound publication, 234 pages, thoroughly illustrated in color, with catalogue numbers, indications of value. Includes: dated events, stamp shows, commercial advertising, promotional & propaganda, fund-raising & charity, private, local & strike labels, fantasies, forgeries (of classic postal), trading stamps, college stamps, etc. .... fully indexed. Extensively researched by the author for history and context, with footnoted references. More than just a catalog, this is a product of remarkable scholarship seldom seen in a publication of this kind; hence the title "Field Guide". This edition is sold out, or nearly so. At this moment I have one copy available at US $45, postpaid in the US. First come, first served. The author is presently working on a second edition. Contact the author or by email to PSCC at