Poster Stamp Collectors Club - Related Societies

Related Societies

The Ephemera Society of America (ESA)
A major collector group of Ephemera in the US, focused on paper collectibles of every kind, but including Cinderella stamps and Poster Stamps. Promoter of a major annual ’paper show’ and supporter of events compatible with the interests of many Poster Stamp collectors. An APS Affiliate. Website:

The Ephemera Society (UK)
A comparable group from the UK. Website:

The Poster Stamp Bulletin of the ’Poster Stamp Society’
There is no web address for this popular poster stamp newsletter, available by subscription from its proprietor, Walter Schmidt, a venerable enthusiast, author, and evangelist for the hobby and Honorary Member of the PSCC. The monthly Bulletin contains a popular mail auction and Walter's words of wisdom. Contact address:
      The Poster Stamp Bulletin
      3654 Upper Applegate Road
      Jacksonville, OR 97530

The Christmas Seal & Charity Stamp Society (CS&CSS)
A significant collector club, founded in 1931, with interests in common with many poster stamp collectors. APS Affiliate. Website:

The Postal Label Study Group (PLSG)
A club organized around the collection of airmail etiquettes, postal labels of every sort, and kindred collectibles. Website: