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This page is reserved for dealers who offer Poster Stamps or related ephemera a space for a short text of no more than two lines, plus an address line for postal mail and/or location of store or office, plus a line for a web address (url) which will link to your site, and/ or email address if appropriate.

This service is offered without charge to PSCC member dealers and is subject to annual renewal. Other commercial sites or dealers should contact ’PSCC webmaster’ by email to: for further discussion.
  • Guenter Mairhoermann - Muenchner Strasse 6A, Mammendorf
    D-82297, Germany
    Featuring: internet sales, German advertising poster stamps.

  • Connecticut Cinderellas (member Ray Petersen) - PO Box 270511, West Hartford, CT 06127-0511 USA
    Featuring: Worldwide poster stamps and cinderellas.

  • Zirinsky Stamps (member Steve Zirinsky) - PO Box 49, Ansonia station, New York, NY 10023 USA
    Featuring: Poster stamps from Australasia and more.